"National Choking Game"  Survey
310 Respondents answered the following
Survey Question
What is your age bracket?
31%  12- 18 years old
39%  20- 40 years old
29%  40 - 60 years old
Which state do you live in?
14% California
13% New York
8% Massachusetts
6% Outside the U.S
6% Ohio
>5% 22 Other States registered
When did you FIRST learn about the Choking Game?
28% Recent reports in the media
37% Recently from a close tragedy,  child, or adult
12% 1- 5 years ago
22% More than 10 yrs ago
Have you participated in this activity before?
32% "Yes"
If YES, were you aware of the             dangerous risks?
82% "No"
Have you shown or told                       someone else ways to
'play' the        'Choking Game'?
34% "Yes"
Are you currently participating?
11% "Yes"
Have you seen others participate in this activity?
37% "Yes"
Did they participate with a group?
55% "Yes"
Where did the incidence occur?
37% Friend's Home
20% Outdoors
16% At School
Do you feel The Choking Game is becoming more prevalent
within the past 5 years?
76% "Yes"
Do you feel Adolescents are more aware of The Choking
Game than their Parents?
On a scale of 1-5
2.5 agreed
"Just for Kids"  Survey
33 Respondents answered the following
Survey Question
How old are you?
9 - 11     14.3%  
12 -14    28.6%  
14 - 16   28.6%  
16 - 18   28.6%
Have you heard of this 'Game' Before?
85.7%  "Yes"
What do you or your friends call it?
(Top 2 responses)
"Choking Game"
"Pass Out Game"
Where did you learn about it?
57%  "friends"
14% "my older sibling"    
14% "internet chat room"    
14% "an adult warning me"
Have you tried it?
57%  "No"
14% "Yes with friends"  
29%  "Yes first with friends
then by myself"    
How often have you done it?
66%  "Once"   
34%  "A handful of times"
How many times have you done it by
60%  "Never"
40%  "sometimes"
Where did you 'play' it?
20% "My house"    
40% "A friends house"  
20% "School"   
20% "Outdoors"    
Most often
Adolescents are
in their
in the

unbeknownst to
an adult who is

home with them.