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Q:    We used to play something where people
hyperventilated and then were bear hugged, is that
considered The Choking Game

A: Yes, that is one method of The Choking Game.  
Note: There is no safe way to play.  Youth have died even
though they were playing with a group!
General FAQs
FAQs  by Parents
Q:    Can I add a friend or relative to the Database of
Accidental Asphyxia Victims?

A: For confidentiality and accuracy of the database, information
may only be submitted by immediate family members with
three pieces of crucial information; Age/Gender, Name, Date of

Q:   My child died playing the Choking Game but
it was ruled as suicide?  I know it wasn't - what
can I do?

A: You are not alone.  Many Medical Examiners
(Coroners) and Law Enforcement Investigators
are just now learning about Accidental Asphyxia
in our Youth and your child's case may be their
first.  Educate them, gather any and all pertinent
information on this site and request a review
meeting with the Cornoer/ ME.  Talk to the people
who knew your child - if they know of The
Choking Game- chances are your child did too.

Q:    How can I get involved in raising awareness
for the Choking Game?

A: Check out the Raise Awareness page for
many ideas and tips to start you on your journey.

school system?

A: Check the Educational Materials  page.  Or you
can reference the site in a conversation with the
Administration of your school and they can view the
facts directly from the site. This is helpful as it is
often then quickly distributed to school personnel  
via email.   
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Note: Information on this website is not intended to take the place of medical advice.
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Q:   How many kids per year die from this activity?

We do not know what the actual number of deaths because no
public health agency is currently tracking them.

We do know from published CDC data that an estimated 800
to 1,000 kids between the ages of 10 to 19 die of strangulation
every year. Most of these are recorded as suicides. We do no
what percentage of these are actually accidents. Even if it was
only 10 % that would be 80 to 100 kids a year in the US. It
probably is much higher than 10%.
The "Choking Game" doesn't require choking.   Correct.
The name is what teens have dubbed a variety of methods of
oxygen deprivation to achieve a rush, thrill, or 'high'.

"Good Kids Game" or "Thrill Seekers Rush".  There are no
definitive personality traits of a participant.  Some are high
achievers playing out of curiosity, others are seeking an
alternative to drug use.
The Dangerous Behaviors Foundation
is a not for profit organization advocating
awareness and education of dangerous adolescent behaviors.
Q:   What's being done to bring about awareness?

A:  Many times parents of kids killed or injured bring about
local, and sometimes nationwide awareness through
media attention.  It's also been covered by the daytime talk
show circuit.
On TV:
Oprah -  Nov 2005, Jan 2008

"The Early Show," CBS News -  Dec 2009

The Dr. Oz Show -  March 2009

TODAY Show - April 2009

In PRINT / Internet
AOL News -  March 2010

The NY Times - Feb 2010