A Parent writes:
"This web site has taught me a lot about the chocking game and I plan on sharing it with my daughter's high school.  A classmate at my
daughter's high school died this week and we suspect he died while playing this game ALONE...the official cause of death has not been
released yet.  I'm sorry for your loss, but THANK YOU for such a great web site that can help educate us all.  The principal at the high
school told me he had never heard of this game before...he will now!! God Bless You and Thank You again."
A Parent writes:
On Sunday August 13, a 13 year old boy "played" the choking game.  We just came back from his funeral service.  To sad to know about
this.  When we were advise of this accident I told my 10 year old son that I believed it was because of this game.  Today his mother spoke
to a local TV station advising parents about this game.  We had seen a report on Good Morning America a couple of months ago.  So we
had already talked to my son and 13 year old sister.  To sad that us parents are in some other world that we do not pay attention to our
kids.  Thank You.  
A teacher writes:
"Yesterday I shared the info. on the choking game with my classes. Again it was received well. So another 100+ have gotten the word and
hopefully will be able to also share it with others. Another group of classes begin with me next week. They will also get the talk. Keep up
the fight! Blessings to you.
A teacher emailed:   
"I teach over 500  7/8 graders and we are talking about this game as a risky behavior. I expect several students to hand in projects to
educate their class mates in the coming weeks. I have been surprised at the number of students male and female that are suprised that
this activity is dangerous. I hope in some small way it helps to know that your message is being passed on to the students.
A mom in Alabama writes:
I cannot stop crying over this issue that I have been totally unaware of until today.  It is such a horrifying tragedy and beyond belief that this
is happening.   I have 5 children and THEY made me aware of this game today.  I feel so shocked that I have been unaware that this has
been going on in the world. I watch the news daily...so how could my children know of this and not me?  These children are all
American...outreach is the only way to educate parents.  These children are so young...they need us to guide them.  This issue needs
more awareness...I will continue to research and definitely inform my children persistently about the dangers of this "game".  Thanks you
for your site and again...I know your suffering will inspire your passion to bring awareness to parents and children...thank you for sharing
and may God bless you.
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about the "Sleeping Game" his friends had
played last night. He will be 15 on June 23rd. I
pray. When he described the game to me I yet
with stern deliberation I explained that what they
were doing was asphyxiating each other. I further
explained what the dangers were. He said he
thought I was overdramatizing and that he
wanted legit verification of what I had told him. I
directed him to your website. I know that he will
consider what I have told him more seriously
Corps. My son is still alive and unharmed. Yet I
am so afraid. Next I will talk about this to my 9
yr-old daughter. I don't want her to try this game,
thinking it is just a rush. I want her to know the