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  • For the number of Choking Game Victims injured or killed reported to date (see the Database)
  • 87% of victims were male, of those 7% are injuries.   (2006 statistics reported, 90% were male)
  • 13% of victims were female, of those 9% are injuries

  • Many states had a significant increase in reported Choking Game cases (current and previous years) since
    the 2006 reporting.

  • California and Texas have the highest number of Choking Game cases.  Followed closely by Ohio,
    Pennsylvania and Georgia.

  • North Carolina's number of reported Choking Game cases (see map of cases) has tripled since 2006 which
    places them 6th in highest number of cases to date.
  • Of the cases in North Carolina, 25% are female. (above the national average of 13%)

  • Texans reported 4 fatal Choking Game cases in 2006. By 2008, that number rose to 28.

* Statistical Information was complied from the Victim's Database data on 04/30/09. As that data is assumed incomplete by the under
reporting of cases, these statistics are as accurate as possible.

How many kids per year die from this activity?

We do not know what the actual number of deaths because no public health agency is currently tracking them.

We do know from published CDC data that an estimated 800 to 1,000 kids between the ages of 10 to 19 die of
strangulation every year. Most of these are recorded as suicides. We do no what percentage of these are actually
accidents. Even if it was only 10 % that would be 80 to 100 kids a year in the US. It probably is much higher than 10%.
DB Foundation Choking Game Statistical Updates:  
Studies of Choking Game Participation
There have been 5 studies of choking game
participation by youth.

"Choking Game" Awareness and Participation Among 8th
Graders --- Oregon, 2008
"This study represents the first systematic assessment at the state
level for awareness of and participation in strangulation activities
among youths. Results from the 2008 Oregon Healthy Teens
survey indicated that nearly one third of 8th-grade students were
aware of someone who participated in the choking game, and
nearly 6% acknowledged trying it."

In 2006, the McKeon Educational Group surveyed 1,000
children in one school district (ages 10 to 14) and 53% of the
boys admitted playing the choking game. When asked where
they had learned of the game and where they had played, the
number one answer for both was "at school" (Unpublished

Williams County Ohio Youth Health Risk Behavioral Survey,
fall 2006, reported 11 % of those surveyed had played,
increasing to 14 % of girls and 19 % of youth aged 17 to 19

According to the
Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey
2007 study, about 7 % of Ontario Youth have participated in self
choking or been choked by others to get high. This corresponds
to approximately 79,000 kids in Ontario, Canada. ()

In 2009, the results of a choking game survey given to youth (9 to
18 years) in Ontario, Canada and Texas was published in the
Injury Prevention.  Of the 2504 youth who completed the
survey, 68 % had heard of the choking game, 45 % knew
someone who had played, 6.6% had participated themselves
and 40% perceived no risk to playing the choking game.
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FAQs about the Choking Game Letters written to us The DB Foundations Core Members, Our Mission, and more!
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