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Honestly and openly approach the child.  Ask -what do you know about the Choking Game (pass out game) 'game'?  
Be prepared: Many  parents are shocked at the answer.   Explain the dangers to them - they are injuring their brain every time.  
They risk stroke, seizures and cardiac arrest every time - even when they are doing it in a group!

  • Increase supervision- be aware of your child’s activities and whereabouts even to the point of making an 'open door' rule.  
    Your child's safety is more valuable than their privacy.
  • Remove any paraphernalia that could be used as a ligature (belts, scarves, cords, even closet rods if you must)
  • Alert school personnel (see the sample letters)  If one student is involved, there are others
  • Alert the parents of your children’s friends.
  • Consult with a physician to address any health needs that have resulted
  • If an older teen is involved, younger children in the same family may be at risk for participating in this activity
Prevention within your own family begins with an honest discussion about the consequences of participating in The Choking Game.  
Remember -  75% of Middle School aged children already know about it  - chances are,  you are not telling them something they have
not already been exposed to by their peers.  The problem lies in what their peers have failed to mention-  the dangers.  Please also be
aware that children as young as Kindergarten have been reportedly "choked out"  emulating an episode or conversation displayed by
an older sibling or neighbor.

Texting: Be on alert for these text symbols ;)///  ;})))

Computer / Cell Phone: Check your child's computer/cell phone for websites containing "Pass Out" or "Choking Game".  Also look for
videos created, viewed or uploaded by your child from video sharing sites like MySpace or YouTube.  Popular tags are Fainting Game,
Passing Out

Be candid - be honest and be real!  Show them the pictures of children who are no longer with their families.  Share the "Life After"
stories of children with permanent disabilities after playing and the words of parents now forever grieving the loss of their child.  Stress
to your child that the end result of the child participating was preventable.
FAQs about the Choking Game Letters written to us The DB Foundations Core Members, Our Mission, and more!
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Slang for the Choking Game
Terms used for this activity vary greatly
by demographic.  Here are some of the
most popular:
Similar Experiences

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FAQs about the Choking Game Letters written to us The DB Foundations Core Members, Our Mission, and more!
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