Grandma & The Police Officer - Week 1 Scavenger Hunt winner!
Week 1
Weekly Scavenger Hunt
Grandma & the Firefighters - Week 2 scavenger hunt winner!
Week 2
Week 4 Winner - Cody's Grandma and the DJ
Week 3
Week 4 Winner - Cody's Grandma again!  Now she's with her Mayor!
Week 4
Wear Your Awareness 2009 encourages everyone to
personally raise awareness of the dangers of the Choking
Game by wearing their Choking Game Awareness Tee Shirt
on every day occasions.  Exposure of this silent killer 'game'
is greatly increased when the general public has the
opportunity to inquire and learn first hand.

The DBF Tee shirts are the original Choking Game
Awareness shirts.  All children are recognized  and included
in raising awareness together.  The DBF has the utmost
respect for families who have lost children and the right for
them to control  where and when their child's name or
likeness appears.  Therefore, parental permission is
required for each child to be included on the shirts.  If you
would like your child to be included - please
email DBF

     "Wear Your Awareness 2010"
         is scheduled to launch in APRIL 2010
FAQs about the Choking Game Letters written to us The DB Foundations Core Members, Our Mission, and more!
of those Killed by THE CHOKING
by name.*
42 different states and 5 different

We've received hundreds of emails
requesting more information because a
Choking Game Awareness Tee shirt was

Many times supporters wrote to tell us that
while wearing their awareness someone
approached them to inquire "What is the
Choking Game?"

People are becoming more informed and
lives are being saved!

Thank you and we'll see you for "Wear
Your Awareness" 2010