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Updated 01/10/10
Parents of Choking Game Victims
NETWORK with other CG Parents

in the Choking Game Awareness Group
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We are so sorry you have reason to read this page, but hope that you will find guidance.
Bereaved Parents WishList - a very helpful piece for friends and family to read
This page was created because often parents come to us in their hour of crisis, not knowing what to do.  And justly so,
losing a child is every parents worst nightmare.  No one thinks it will happen to them - it is just unnatural.    If you would
like to talk directly with a support parent please see our contact page under
Parent of Victim Support

Seek out people who you trust that you can be yourself and feel the range of emotions that come with this loss.  
Counseling, Friends, Support Groups are all great places to start.  There are several places on the net where Parents
are available, check out the Facebook link (on the left) or the Yahoo! Groups link on the bottom of this page to get
connected right now with other families.

Your health (both physical and mental) should be the priority for the 1st month, at least.  If after that month you are driven
to join us in raising awareness, please do contact us.  In the meantime,  the most important action to take for creating
awareness is to place your child's name in the database.  The database is the source of proving how deadly and how
immense this issue truly is.
Register on the database.  See here to view Victim Statistics according to their parents.

In the first months of grief you will probably receive the Death Certificate.  If you disagree with the ruling we can share with
you action taken by others with success in amending.  There is no time limit as to when you can request to amend a
Death Certificate.
Hospice  for Grief Counseling

The Compassionate Friends
A national Self-help group for bereaved
families with Chapters located across the U.S
Grief Books We Recommend
Talk about your story to anyone that will listen, share it with your local
media and if the opportunity arises (and you feel up to it) speak to the
school district of your child about education of the Choking Game.  
Chances are,  your child is not the only one to know about it at school.
FAQs about the Choking Game Letters written to us The DB Foundations Core Members, Our Mission, and more!
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