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The First ever worn Choking Game Awareness Tee Shirt! Awesome Aidan!
Dekan's 5 months old and lookin' good in that shirt!
Famous Landmark entry - The Kuhn's At Disney raising Awareness
Here's Karlee at the Detroit Zoo.  This girl just keeps traveling raising awareness for the Dangers of The Choking Game!
Karlee at Lake of Dreams MI
Kalree in Grand Haven MI
The Kuhn Family with the Mascot from MSU
Grandma & The Police Officer - Week 1 Scavenger Hunt winner!
Grandma & the Firefighters - Week 2 scavenger hunt winner!
Week 4 Winner - Cody's Grandma and the DJ
Week 4 Winner - Cody's Grandma again!  Now she's with her Mayor!
Toni and the
Cody's Family strikes again, with a Fire Engine too boot!
...and The Macinaw Bridge!  Go Karlee!
...and now she's traveled to Mackinac Island in front of the Grand Hotel!
Cody's family photo - the official count is 10 in the photo - unless there are some hiding!
Christian is 6 months old and working at raising awareness
This is Alesa Somer's family: Mom, brothers and sisters. submitted by The Somer's Family on 04.05.09