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What is the Choking Game? Who does this?
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What is the "Choking Game"?   IT'S NOT A GAME.
 2010 Statistics
The Choking Game is a dangerous oxygen deprivation activity popular among middle school aged and younger children. It has been luring, affecting, injuring and killing teens for generations. The object of the game is to stop blood flow to the brain until the player passes out in an attempt to get a 'high' or 'floaty' sensation. Some participate for this 'high', others as a pass time, out of curiosity or as a result of peer pressure. Many do not perceive a risk when engaging in this practice.

Unlike AeA (auto erotic asphyxia), 'Choking Game' does not involve a sexual component
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"Choking Game ~ Wake Up!" Public Service Announcement
 (released 2009)
Some viewers may find this disturbing or difficult to watch. It contains the reality of the consequences of particpating in the 'choking game'.
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