Why are these activities dangerous?
All of the following prevent oxygen and/or blood from going to the brain - causing brain damage and death:

Huffing (Dusting)-  spraying a substance into a container then inhaling the aerosol to obtain a momentary 'high'.   Dusting is inhaling directly
from the can particularly using Dust-off (the keyboard cleaner).  Very dangerous - when inhaled the chemical mixture has killed instantly.

Sniffing - the extreme smelling of substances i.e. glue, paint, White-out

Whippets -  inhaling the aerosol gases from a whipped cream canister

The Choking Game - Either in a group or alone, major arteries are compressed to diminish air supply and blood flow - when alone, unless
someone is there immediately to release the device upon unconsciousness- the child dies.  

If you participate in these activities -
your brain dies every time AND it only takes once for you to die- it can and HAS happened the very first time.
Child upon child has died doing the same thing - chances are they thought they could control it - a dizzy feeling is not worth your life.

    How do I Talk to My Child?
    Parents should approach these behaviors as they would discussing other risk taking activities (i.e. drugs, alcohol, inhalants)
    There are warning signs that your child maybe actively taking part in these activities-     DO NOT wait for a sign to appear to have the discussion -
    BE PROACTIVE teach them the dangers and discuss it often.
    "At the risk of being cliché, these games should be a topic among the family‚Äôs parent-child discussions. Just as you would (or should) regarding
    tobacco, alcohol and drugs, discuss asphyxial games. You may want to open the discussion by saying you have heard or read that there are ways
    that some kids try to “get high” without using drugs or alcohol, but that these activities can be just as dangerous and fatal. Then let your child
    educate you. A dialogue will get your message across more effectively than a lecture."
    -Dr. Thomas Andrew MD

Talking to our children will plant a seed: NO!
As parents,  if we fail to teach our children the dangers of these activities the cycle of a child teaching another child will continue. Chances are the child are
the one who already know how to play.

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