Become a Supporter of The Choking Game Awareness Campaign!  Education and raising awareness to the Dangers of the Choking Game are the
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powerful tool.  The DB Foundation is funded by private and corporate donations.  All donations are greatly appreciated!
100% of all donations are used for education, awareness and prevention programs
Slang names, Warning Signs, Who is doing this?
Are kids in your area playing?  Interactive Map of US Choking Game victims
Stats and current numbers happening across the US
Medical reports and Health Dept releases
Contains Choking Game victims vital information
Other dangerous behavior parents need to know about.
Members of DBF, our mission and philosophy.
New! T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Awareness Bracelets all to increase awareness!
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Add your signature to the thousands requiring DARE and Risk Prevention Program to teach the dangers of the Choking Game
There's a survey for everyone - please give your opinion!
Contact a Speaker or Advocate in your area!
Seminars and Choking Game awareness events and other important dates
Prevention tips, Interventino help
Community Awareness Tools-
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" The Choking Game "
Advocating Education of the Dangers
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 Bumper Sticker
  Awareness Bracelet & Button
 5 Brochures  A "Game"  Killing
Teens and PreTeens  (contains:
Warning signs, Invention &
prevention Tips)
Reproducible Flyer “Be Aware of the
Choking Game”!!    


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Choking is NEVER A 'game'

The universal symbol of this campaign.
Stop the Choking Game.

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5 Bumper Stickers
5 Awareness Bracelets & Buttons
15 Brochures  A "Game"  Killing Teens
and PreTeens  (contains: Warning
signs, Invention & prevention Tips)
Reproducible Flyer “Be Aware of the
Choking Game;"


15 Bumper Stickers
15 Awareness Bracelets & Buttons  
50 Brochures A "Game"  Killing Teens
and PreTeens  (contains: Warning
signs, Invention & prevention Tips)
Reproducible Flyer “Be Aware of the
Choking Game!"

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
Just in time for summer! T-Shirts COMING SOON!

Choking is NEVER a 'game'.  (front)
On the back "Raising awareness of The Choking Game in
Memory of... followed by victims listed by name**

Available March 18st 2009 - (currently taking pre-orders)

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