Bereaved Family Help

Grieving is an intensely personal and unpredictable journey.
Here are a few avenues of healing many bereaved parents have found helpful.
Create A Tribute to Your Child.   View Tributes

Some parents find to comforting to pay tribute to their child.  
These pictures and bios also serve as a real life account of
what could happen by 'playing' the Choking Game and helps
other children make good choices.

How do I create a Tribute?
It's very easy to do.  Simply
Click HERE to send us an email of a
short bio (approx. 3 lines) about  your loved one.  If you would
like to attach a picture of your loved one and we will include it.
JOIN our "Grief support and awareness networking"  

For parents and individuals coping with losing a loved one to the
Choking Game and those striving to raise awareness.  Read the posts
online at your own pace or have a daily digest delivered to your inbox.
Slang names, Warning Signs, Who is doing this?
Are kids in your area playing?  Interactive Map of US Choking Game victims
Stats and current numbers happening across the US
Medical reports and Health Dept releases
Contains Choking Game victims vital information
Other dangerous behavior parents need to know about.
Members of DBF, our mission and philosophy.
New! T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Awareness Bracelets all to increase awareness!
Get your Awareness T-Shirt and post your pictures to enter contests!
Add your signature to the thousands requiring DARE and Risk Prevention Program to teach the dangers of the Choking Game
There's a survey for everyone - please give your opinion!
Contact a Speaker or Advocate in your area!
Seminars and Choking Game awareness events and other important dates
Prevention tips, Interventino help
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" The Choking Game "
Advocating Education of the Dangers
FAQs about the Choking Game Letters written to us About the history and founding of The DB Foundation
Share your Story with your personal "Life After"

These pages are the stories of people affected by the
Choking Game, what happened and how they have managed
to live beyond.

How do I create a "Life After" page?
If a few lines of your loved ones bio just isn't enough you are
invited to share your story in a Life After the Choking Game
page.  This can be as long or as brief as you need it be.  
Please submit your story as an attachment or you can write it
directly into an
email to us.
Grief Books

We have compiled a list of books that newly bereaved
parents and families hopefully will find beneficial.  These
recommendations come from people of all different faiths/
beliefs, backgrounds and there is probably one that can help
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