Individuals looking to raise awareness and educate are encouraged to use these
Choking Game brochures and flyers.  They are in PDF format and FREE to download
and print*.  If you do not have Adobe, it can be downloaded free by visiting their
website (the link is provided below)

Presenters, speakers and other authorities sharing information with audiences are
encouraged to preview the videos and powerpoint presentations to see which is the
best fit for your presentation.
Slang names, Warning Signs, Who is doing this?
Are kids in your area playing?  Interactive Map of US Choking Game victims
Stats and current numbers happening across the US
Medical reports and Health Dept releases
Contains Choking Game victims vital information
Other dangerous behavior parents need to know about.
Members of DBF, our mission and philosophy.
New! T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Awareness Bracelets all to increase awareness!
Get your Awareness T-Shirt and post your pictures to enter contests!
Add your signature to the thousands requiring DARE and Risk Prevention Program to teach the dangers of the Choking Game
There's a survey for everyone - please give your opinion!
Contact a Speaker or Advocate in your area!
Seminars and Choking Game awareness events and other important dates
Prevention tips, Interventino help

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Permission is granted for brochures, flyers and handouts produced by The DB Foundation to be
reproduced and distributed under two conditions: 1. All credits and disclaimers within the material
remains intact. 2. Materials are used for educational non profit purposes only.
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" The Choking Game "
Advocating Education of the Dangers
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FAQs about the Choking Game Letters written to us About the history and founding of The DB Foundation
Educational Tools - Brochures, Videos, Flyers

A one page flyer useful for displaying information on bulletin
boards or as handouts for presentations

"A 'Game" Injuring and Killing Teens & Preteens"

This trifold brochure describes warning signs, alternate
names for the Choking Game, prevention tips and more.  
If you have found these materials
helpful please considering making
a donation.  

Donations allow us to continue
raising awareness and providing
education for the dangers of the
Choking Game.

"Risky Behaviors"  featuring The Galloways (Parents of Connor)

This program exposes “the choking game”, EMO and other
dangerous teen behaviors,  Experts delve into adolescent
development and what makes teens do what they do.  Features the
Galloways with Sgt. John Hollifield of the Jackson Co. Sheriffs Dept
and Patti Tiberi of Smoky Mountain Mental Health.

The Galloway's are generously offering the DVD's free of charge.

"Suffocation Roulette" (mpg File Downloadable in Windows Media)
Public Service Announcement by Middle Schoolers

"Education 4 Educators"

"Ed4Ed" is great for large audiences and Parent Presenters.  This
is the most inclusive, comprehensive and editable presentation
available.  Includes statistics, monthly updates and online support
provided by the presentation's creator and volunteer Carrie Draher.

JOIN THE Ed4Ed Network:
Request  a DVD
ATTN: Presenters!

If you are currently
educating on the
dangers of the
choking game and
have additional
effective material
you would like to
share here please -
Email us and share
The powerpoint presentations titled "Dangers of the Choking Game"
are often used by volunteer presenters for various audiences.

    Download for free

"Dangers of The Choking Game" (Adult Version)

"Dangers of The Choking Game" (Youth Version)