A Dangerous Game Exposed
By Danielle Hibler
The following story was written by Danielle Hibler, a 15-year-old
Canon-McMillan High School (Pennsylvania)sophomore.  
Danielle's Article....
The Game of Death
The choking game destroys Missouri family
By Tian Qui
"On Jan. 24, 2006, Jeff Espey, a sophomore at Seckman High
School in Mo., would not only alter his own fate, but also impact
everyone’s life around him in a tragedy that took his life".
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"Suffocation Roulette"
A documentary produced by Mandarin  Middle School
students,Duval County,
This Documentary won 1st place in the county contest,now going
for Nationals!
Express written permission must be obtained from The Dylan Blake
Foundation prior to distribution or reproduction of this video.
"Stop the Choking Game" -
by JamieLynn Sears- Her boyfriend, Jeff Espey died in Jan 2006
by playing the Choking Game
Slang names, Warning Signs, Who is doing this?
FOR kids BY kids, what do they have to say about it?
Are kids in your area playing?  Interactive Map of US Choking Game victims
Stats and current numbers happening
Medical reports and Health Dept releases
Contains Choking Game victims vital information
Get Awareness Tools to shed light on the dangers of the Choking Game in your community
Add your signature to the thousands requiring DARE and Risk Prevention Program to teach the dangers of the Choking Game
There's a survey for everyone - please give your opinion!
Calendar of Seminars and Choking Game awareness events
Contact a Speaker or Advocate in your area!
Prevention tips, Interventino help
Other dangerous behavior parents need to know about.
Written by families thenselves after The Choking Game entered thier lives.
Articles written and published by teens
Posted 01/01/06 | Updated 07/01/08
" The Choking Game "
Advocating Education of the Dangers
Choking Game.net
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