Date Type of Article Agency/ Physican or School Link / Synopsis Affected State
2003 Newsletter - Medical Annals of Emergency Medicine Deadly Game -
Among Children and Adolescents
2006/05 Newsletter - Medical Children's Mercy Hospital
Dr. Lynch
The Choking Game -
A deadly Game is resurfacing
2007/02 Newsletter - Educational Perry Tipler Middle School The Choking Game - A Deadly Trend WI
2006/01 Newsletter - Medical Dr. Thomas Andrew Child's Play -
the deadly consequences of asphyxial 'games'
2006/00 Article - Medical University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston The Pass out game TX
2006/03 Newsletter - Medical Pennsylvania Psychological Assoc. - Johnson, Richard, PhD Stop the Choking Game PA
2005/12 Article - Medical NRI Traumatic Brain Injury
- Neuro Notes
Choking Game a real nightmare
2001/00 Article - Medical
(Teen Development)
National Institute of Mental Health Teenage Brain: A Work In Progress
2006 Article- Medical
(Teen Development)
Frontline - w/Deborah Yurgelun-Todd Inside the Teenage Brain
Do you notice a big difference between young teenagers and older teenagers, for instance, or adults?
2005 Article - Medical
(Teen Brain)
National Education Assoc. Brain Development in Young Adolescents
2000/12 Article - Medical
(Teen Brain)
Associated Press Brain changes, not hormones, explain many adolescent behaviors
2006/02 Article - Educational Wheeler Clinic, DMHAS The Choking Game - Tips for Parents (pdf) CT
2006 Newsletter - Educational Birmingham Health Agency VSAAC Action Alert - The Choking Game (pdf) CT
2006 Newsletter - Education Canton Substance Abuse Council
& The Board of Education
The "Choking Game" CT
2005/07 Newsletter - Medical Montana Dept of
Public Health and Human Services
Fainting Game Can Have Deadly Consequences, Officials Warn MT
2006 Newsletter - Government Dept. Of Defense SAFE Schools Newsletter(pdf) USA
2005/10 Newsletter - Medical GCASA Prevention Pass Out Game NY
2006/09 Newsletter - Medical Weller Health Education Center Choking Game PA
2006/04 Newsletter - Medical Allegheny County Health Dept Health Dept Warning About the Choing Game PA
2006-02 Newsletter - Medical Kitsap County Health Dept. The Choking Game is Deadly(pdf) WA
2005/2006 Newsletter - Education Harvard - Westlake Choking Game(pdf) CA
2006/01 Newsletter - Education Musselman Middle School Choking Game WV
2005/09 Newsletter- Education Brevard Public Schools District warns parents of dangerous game(pdf) FL
2006/01 Newsletter - Education Lakeland Joint School District 272 Parents BEWARE!!!(pdf) ID
2005/11 Newsletter - Education Hillsboro High School (pdf) KS
2005/04 Newsletter - Education Clark County School District Teens and the deadly trend of Choking(pdf) NE
2005/12 Newsletter - Education Ohio Resource Network for Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities The Choking Game(pdf) OH
2005-05 Newsletter - Education North Penn School District Choking Game PA
2005/12 Newsletter - Education Council Rock School District Dear Parents...(pdf) PA
2005/12 Newsletter - Education Bunker Hill-
Boston Harbor Elementary School
Dear Parents...(pdf) WA
2005/12 Newsletter - Education Verona Area Core
Knowledge Charter
Choking Game see page 9 (pdf) WI
2005/11 Newsletter - Education Sheboyganfalls School District The Choking Game - Deadly(pdf) WI
2005 Newsletter -
Law Enforcement
SRO The S.R.O. Corner (pdf) IA
2005 Newsletter -
Law Enforcement
SRO What is the Choking Game(pdf) KS
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