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Posted 01/01/06 | Updated 08/09/08
" The Choking Game "
Advocating Education of the Dangers
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Michael Vera   
13 Years Old
He loved baseball he was an all star player
for many years. He loved going deep sea
fishing, bay fishing, and surf fishing. He
enjoyed camping out at the beach, and
especially playing paintball wars on the
weekends with the family.     
Cayden Wince-Prior   
12 Years Old
Cayden was a happy, healthy, ornery, rotten,
athletic, fun, little man who loved life and lived
his to the fullest everyday.  He will be forever
missed. We love you so much Cayden.
Alexandria Lauren Young  
14 Years Old
"Alex was a fun loving,very forgiving and
easy going person.  She was planning to
become a Veterinarian, her love for animals
was unreal. She had the most beautiful
smile!  We love and Miss her very much."
Michael Volakis
15 Years Old
Rodney Webster
14 Years Old
Christopher Vacca
25 Years Old
Frankie Yakely
11 Years Old
Robbie "Duck" Udell
15 Years Old
He was never a sports type person, he did
like to go fishing with his great grandma
and like to read Sylvia Brown  and Harry
Yannick Whitehead  
16 Years Old
He was a dedicated friend to all,  As
well as his sport of Basketball.  He had
a promising career ahead of him.  He is
sorely missed by family and friends. His
life was cut short by practicing this
Kimberly Wilson
14 Years Old