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Posted 01/01/06 | Updated 08/14/08
" The Choking Game "
Advocating Education of the Dangers
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Daniel Sheppard
11 Years Old
Loved his skateboard, car collection and sports
baseball, basketball and football.
'In-remembrence of Daniel' site
'In Memory of Daniel' site
Sasha Sepasi
14 Years Old
Michael Satterfield  
16 Years Old
Colin Russell  
13 Years Old
Colin was loving, playful, and full of energy,
curiosity, and plans for his future.  He played cello
and guitar, and was an advanced placement
student.  He loved soccer and board sports, and he
loved to read, especially science fiction.
Jeffrey Patton  
15 Years Old
Nick Serna
16 Years Old
Micah Sims
20 Years Old
Jeffrey Peak
14 Years Old
My Jeffrey was not only my son, but a great friend
to me and to so many others... his unique goofiness
and personality will never be forgotten... 14
YEARS just IS NOT long ENOUGH...  xo Mel  ^j^
Randy Lee Stahl II
17 Years Old
"Randy was a lovable caring son and  big
brother. He was loved by all.  He was into his
faith with god and believed where he would
go when it was time for him to die. Randy was
an organ donor and saved others. We were
not ready for him to go at 17 years old."
Dustin Parkhurst
15 Years old
Adam Sojka
13 Years Old
Colin Simpson
21 Years Old
Mary Margaret Sipple
14 Years Old
Calvin Lee Peters
16 Years Old
Calvin was sweet, funny and a loyal
friend and son.  He was always having
fun, nice to every- one and LOVED
skateboarding and snowboarding.  He
is missed and loved by many.
Mike Phillips  
18 Years Old
The night that Mike, 18, played the
game, not only did he lose his own life
but changed mine and those of me and
his brother and sisters for ever
Brandon Rodriguez
17 Years Old
Josh Sowells
23 Years Old
Josh was a very loving son and brother.  He
loved the outdoors and spending time with
his family and loved ones was  We cherish
every moment that God gave us with him.
Our world is so much less without Josh in it.
Justin Serrano   
13 Years old
Justin was our only child and he had everything.   Your dogs
miss you and we miss you terribly.  We love you forever
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Anthony Sankovic
14 Years Old
Jeffery Steimel   
14 Years Old
He was a straight A student, he called
himself the computer and video game genius.
 He wanted to be a scientist, and find the
cure for cancer
Aurianna Monet Taylor
11 Years Old
She was a loving caring young girl. She had a special
love for her sister that was above all else. She was
naturally athletic and loved competition. But as much
as she was competetive, she had a love for her family,
church, and friends. She was a very gifted tennis and
basketball player. She volunteered with Special
Olympics and Challenger Baseball with her sister. She
had a spunky spirit and a bright smile. She is dearly
missed but not forgotten!! We love you precious angel!!