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Alexandria Lauren Young  
14 Years Old
"Alex was a fun loving,very
forgiving and easy going person.
She was planning to become a
Veterinarian, her love for
animals were unreal. She had
the most beautiful smile!
We love and Miss her very
Jeffery Steimel
14 Years Old

"He was a straight A student, he
called himself the computer and
video game genius.  He wanted
to be a scientist, and find the
cure for cancer
Joseph Bixby
13 Years Old

"He was tender-hearted and love
to be on the go.  He loved
fishing, 4 wheeling, and running
around with his friends"
Photo Coming Soon
Dustin Parkhurst
15 Years old

Jason rode ATV's and
watercraft, loved Star Wars
and Star Trek and animals.
He was a very bright, sensitive
and compassionate boy
Jason Isaac Linkins
14 Years Old
Jason rode ATV's and
watercraft, loved Star Wars
and Star Trek and
animals. He was a very
bright, sensitive and
compassionate boy
Nicolas Cochet
14 Years Old
He was 14, very curious, happy,
sportive and clever. He played
choking game from 6 months.
His parents couldn't understand
signs of the game, they never
heard about this...French alert
became some days after
his death.
Adam Sojka
13 Years Old
Colin Simpson
21 Years Old
Dalton Knauss
15 Years Old
Frankie Yakely
11 Years Old
8 Years Old
Jennifer Marie
14 Years Old
Kyle Kelly McCarthy
13 Years Old
Mary Margaret Sipple
14 Years Old
Stephen Connelly
16 Years Old
Stevie Ackley
14 Years Old
Xavier Dazo
13 Years Old
Xavier was a kind hearted,sweet,
he loved to joke around and
make people laugh. He was very
caring of others. He loved his
rock music especially Green
Day. He always had a bright
smile on his face.
Michael Vera
13 Years Old
He loved baseball he was an all
star player for many years. He
loved going deep sea fishing,
bay fishing, and surf fishing. He
enjoyed camping out at the
beach, and especially playing
paintball wars on the weekends
with the family.     
Sean Henson
14 Years Old

Sean is loved and missed more
than I can describe.
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Calvin Lee Peters
16 Years Old
Calvin was sweet, funny and a
loyal friend and son.  He was
always having fun, nice to every-
one and LOVED skateboarding
and snowboarding.  He is missed
and loved by many.
Mike Phillips
18 Years Old
The night that Mike, 18, played
the game, not only did he lose
his own life but changed mine
and those of me and his brother
and sisters for ever
Neal Beasley
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Established Jan 2006
Serving all of the U.S.
" The Choking Game "
Advocating Education of the Dangers
Dustin Harris
Slang names, Warning Signs, Prevention Tips
Brandon Rodriguez
17 Years Old
8 Years Old
Kelsey Brandsasse
14 Years Old
Josh Sowells
23 Years Old
Josh was a very loving son and
brother.  He loved the outdoors
and spending time with his
family and loved ones was  We
cherish every moment that God
gave us with him. Our world is
so much less without Josh in it.
Robbie "Duck" Udell
15 Years Old
He was never a sports type
person, he did like to go
fishing with his great
grandma and like to read
Sylvia Brown  and Harry
Yannick Whitehead
16 Years Old
He was a dedicated friend to
all,  As well as his sport of
Basketball.  He had a promising
career ahead of him.  He is
sorely missed by family and
friends. His life was cut short by
practicing this Game.
Adam Janssen
12 Years Old