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Posted 01/01/06 | Updated 08/09/08
" The Choking Game "
Advocating Education of the Dangers
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Adam Murphy  
11 Years Old
Evan O'Connor
13 Years Old
Jonathan Kelly  
11 Years Old
Justin Novak
16 Years Old
Haley Farrin Kinney  
14 Years old
Haley was a bundle of energy. She was an
avid runner and loved life. She always had a
smile on her face and was very self- assured.
Haley  was always willing to help others.
Ricky "Coty" Mills
13 Years Old
Leo McPhee
16 Years Old
"Leo was always the one to make you
laugh and he loved his bike. BMXing was
one of his passions and he`d put off
anything to go biking with his friends."
Zechariah McNary
12 Years Old
Gabriel Mordecai
13 Years Old
"Running, climbing, shooting hoops, swimming,
and just all boy! My beautiful, kind,compassionate,
amazing, interesting little boy" -Gabe's Mom
Cory McGregor
14 Years Old  
Jason Isaac Linkins   
14 Years Old
Jason rode ATV's and watercraft, loved Star
Wars and Star Trek and animals. He was a
very bright, sensitive and compassionate boy
Dalton Knauss
15 Years Old
Kyle Kelly McCarthy
13 Years Old
Samantha Marquez  
16 Years old
Samantha was a fun-loving girl who loved to
write and draw. She was beautiful in every
way and had an amazing sense of humor.
Sammii will be loved and missed forever. We
love you Sam! 06/21/92-07/18/08